Inside WCPO Channel 9

I was fortunate enough to tour the WCPO Channel 9 building, downtown, this morning. Through this experience I was able to see what a potential career in broadcast journalism may look like. Now, I won’t sit here and bore you about what I learned or what my aspirations for the future are. But instead, share my experience inside of the WCPO Channel 9 studio.

Decked out with TV monitors and city backdrops and stage lights and a green screen, the studio definitely had me and my tour group in awe. After taking numerous pictures and gasping and pointing, we decided to see first hand what it was like to put on a news broadcast.

We raced towards the anchor chairs and pretended to be the next Barbra Walters, or–in Channel 9’s case–Clyde Gray. We flashed our pearly whites, pointed at the cameras throwing out catch phrases such as: “Back to you Jim”. All this and more was able to be scene from the control room, where more than one person would be caught acting out their dreams.

Next we were off to the part of the studio housing the equipment used to broadcast the weather–unfortunately I didn’t see any signs of school closings. My attempt to give a weather broadcast, failed to say the least. While I knew the weatherman telling me it’s going to be thirty degrees and cloudy, was standing in front of a green screen, I didn’t know the monitors he was looking at were showing him a picture of himself… backwards. Anytime I moved to the left, the monitor showed me moving to the right. If I pointed to something with my right hand, from my view, it looked like I was using my left. It was quite challenging.

One part of the workshop involved a Q&A with a panel of professionals with a career in media. Mason High School Alum, Griffin Frank, was one of the professionals on that panel, and as a fellow comet, understood the position all of us are in. He shared his experiences of being apart of The Chronicle, and his trial and error process that got him where he currently is. Knowing that he graduated from high school only a few years ago–back in 2010–assured myself that my hope to pursue a career in this field isn’t–by any means–out of reach.

Getting up at 8:00 on a Saturday morning isn’t always the ideal situation, but my experience at WCPO Channel 9, proved to be well worth my time.


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