Sophomore Natasha Saputra performs piano at Carnegie Hall for the sixth time

Photo: American ProtŽgŽ Winners Recital; recital photographed: Friday, July 3, 2015; 7:00 PM at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall; Photograph: © 2015 Richard Termine. PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

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Sophomore Natasha Saputra is a Mozart-in-the-making.

Saputra stepped foot on the renowned stage of Carnegie Hall this July for her sixth appearance in her lifetime. Saputra has remained dedicated to the piano for 10 years and currently takes lessons at University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music (UC CCM) Prep.

Saputra was in the fourth grade when she made her debut appearance at Carnegie Hall and has continued to improve in the art form, racking up five more appearances along the way. From the array of seats an audience may only hear a string of chords, but Saputra said she aims to tell a story in every piece, providing them with personal connections.

“When I play the piano, I also have a story in my head,” Saputra said. “I like to tell a story when I play each piece so that I can kind of connect to the audience while also connecting to myself and the music.”

Saputra has excelled on the keys, but she continues to push herself outside of the classic instrument. On Fridays, she can be found marching on the field alongside her fellow band members. Saputra said she manages the two demanding extracurriculars by constantly exercising her brain and her fingers.

“When I get home if I still have a lot of homework, I would do one class, and then I take little eight minute breaks,” Saputra said. “Even though it’s little eight minute bits that I’ve been practicing one section at a time, it really helps me in the long run.”

The pressure of performing well at Carnegie Hall is enough to make anyone’s palms sweat, but Saputra said she focuses on improving herself and not the hype of making it to NYC.

“I don’t really feel the pressure because I actually enjoy playing the piano,” Saputra said. “I want to get better for myself, so even though I do enjoy playing there, I want to keep pushing myself so that I can keep on getting better.”


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