Young Women’s Club sells bracelets to share Love for Liz, MHS alum battling cancer


Photo from the Love for Liz GoFundMe page.

Once a Comet always a Comet.

The Young Women’s Club is honoring Mason alum Liz Lothrop by selling bracelets to raise money for the Love for Liz GoFundMe campaign. Lothrop was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2008. She fought a hard battle with the disease and reached remission in 2011.

Before she was diagnosed with Leukemia, Lothrop babysat sophomore Delaney Turner. According to Turner, news of Lothrop’s diagnosis with a new cancer early this year shocked those close to her.

“She was in remission, then this summer she was diagnosed with stage-four Glioblastoma Multiforme,” Turner said. “My mom told me that in the car, and I was just in tears.”

Lothrop continues to study at Duke University throughout treatment. Turner said she often receives news of Lothrop’s condition and the status fight with her brain tumor.

“She’s an incredible fighter,” Turner said. “She already beat cancer once, and it’s so hard for her to have this again while she’s in college, but I see videos of her, (and) I hear about her through my mom.”

Tina Roberts, advisor of Young Women’s Club, said Love for Liz bracelets will continue to be sold in the upcoming weeks and can be bought during lunch and at some football games.

“The student body now doesn’t know her because she graduated a few years ago,” Roberts said. “I hoping that once they get to know her, we can start doing some sales at lunch time; maybe some future football games again if they have some special events going on.”

According to Turner, the support of friends and family throughout Lothrop’s battle has kept her spirits high.

“I saw this video of her the day after she had surgery, and her boyfriend came to surprise her and her face lit up,” Turner said. “The support of all her friends and family members really brings joy to her, and she’s such a fun-loving, caring person.”

While Lothrop still has lengths to go in her battle with the tumor, Turner said she recently received good news regarding the growth of the cancer.

“I knew that she was going to get through this,” Turner said. “I just heard news a few weeks ago that all the cancer cells are dying or (are) already dead.”


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