He is my President

It was the outcome that no one predicted.

For months news outlets, political analysts, politicians themselves were saying there was no way Donald Trump would win the race to 270, but as of November 8, this unimaginable scenario has become a reality.

His victory over former Secretary Clinton sent shock waves throughout the world. Clinton-supporters took to the streets, protesting  the outcome and posting across all social media platforms with #NotMyPresident.

The reality is though, he is.

Citizens protest Trump’s election outside of the capitol building.

As much as I dreaded the idea of the orange-faced, uncensored, former-reality star-turned politician becoming the leader of the free world. It happened. It happened, and no amount of protests or hateful tweets is going to change that.

Hoping President Trump fails is hoping for a worse future for yourself. Whether we choose to believe it or not, he is our president. His success is our success. His failure is our failure.

I don’t support his use of hateful rhetoric throughout his entire campaign. I don’t support his degrading comments towards women, Mexicans, African Americans, Muslims and practically every minority group in the book. I don’t support his decision to argue about the size of his hands rather than issues that matter to voters. I don’t support his treatment and name calling of other candidates either. The man our country elected to be President has displayed the maturity of a five year-old child. But despite all of this, he is still my president.

On January 20, Donald J. Trump will assume a new responsibility. I hope he takes it seriously. I hope he finds success, and I pray to the Lord that his hair stays on his head.